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vinyl toys made from foods

Vinyl Toys made from delicious foods

“I have enjoyed art my whole life and explored many types of media and canvases. About three years ago, I started customizing vinyl toys and have done over 700 of them since. My main...

hamster's valentine's day

Hamster’s Valentine’s Day

Even hamsters celebrate Valentine’s Day and im just sitting here all alone… Well at least i can watch this cute video with hamster’s valentine’s day. hehehe 😀 Hamster’s Valentine’s Day

rainbow heart cookies

Rainbow Heart Cookies

I am soooooo drooling right noow! OMG! This is the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift ever, and i really mean it when i say sweetest! Watch and drool at those rainbow hear cookies… Amazing! Rainbow...

las vegas

Las Vegas from 10,800 Feet

Famous photographer Vincent Laforet takes amazing night photos of urban cities, and his amazing photos of Las Vegas are no exception. Laforet, who has also photographed New York similarly, turns Sin City into an incredible neon metropolis surrounded...