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the amazing watermelon bread

In Taiwan You Can Eat Square Watermelon Bread

In one of the weirdest and most confusing food mash-ups we’ve ever seen, a Taiwanese bakery has invented a loaf of bread that looks just like the equally bizarre square watermelons popular in Japan....

a girl with a dress

Cut Out Dresses Made Out Of Drawings And Landscapes

Shamekh Bluwi, an architect and fashion illustrator based in Amman, Jordan, creates beautiful paper cut-outs with women whose dresses become whatever you hold them up against. Cut Out Dresses Credits: Boredpanda

just an ordinary internet cafe

10 Awfully Gone Wrong Ads Because Of Spacing

Poor letter spacing can ruin (or make hilarious) even the best thought-out text, as these examples demonstrate. If these mistakes are not the result of an errant space, then they might be result of...

a new way for ads

Amazing And Clever Street Advertisements

I like how companies are getting more and more innovative when it comes to placing street ads. You can walk through them or over them unknowingly until something catches your eyes. Very clever isn’t...