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Heroic Dog Rescues Owner Who He Thinks Is Drowning

This is the true definition of friendship! And who can describe it better than a … yep that’s […]

heroic dog jumps in water to save his owner

The Guy That Narrates People’s Lifes Is Back With Disney And Pokémon Pranks

Watch Thomas Sanders prank his friends using famous lines from the animations. This dude is making awesome disney […]

thsi guy is doing awesome disney and pokemon pranks

This Chinese chef cooking technique will amaze you

The massive size of the wok, and the flames coming out that burner jet engine thing … This […]

chinese cook in action

Cute toddler stumble on ice

This is by far the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! Watch this cute toddler falling on ice will […]

toddler on ice

Epic Rap Battle – Nerd VS Geek

Which side are you on? If you dont know, watch the video and draw conclusions! It’s time to […]

nerd vs geek

President Barack Obama proves he can sing very well

Don’t believe me? Just watch. He is such a great singer! This video is funny and hilarious! Have […]

president barack obama talking

How To Make A Surprisingly Powerful Laser Assisted Blowgun, For Under $3

You’ll shoot your eye out. This is a very awesome DYI blowgun, and you can make it for […]


Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog” Has All The Feels

That is the true friendship! A priceless video… Watch for yourself

lost dog sad staying in a cartoon box

This lizard greets his owner like a dog

Awwwww! Cuteness overload! Watch out! This video is extremely cute it will melt your heart! Cute little lizard […]

lizard happy

This Kid’s head movement is insane!

… I will let you funpedders take conclusions here…. Kid head movement

kid laughing creepy

Playing League of Legends with your cat can get very challenging

All the gamers out there! Take this challenge (if you have a cat) try and play video games […]

cat disturbing owner from playing

This baby goat is trying to head-butt a horse

The result is absolutely funny! Watch and enjoy. You will ROFL :)) Baby goat headbutting a horse

baby goat trying to headbutt a horse