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Grandmas smoking weed for the first time

If you’ve ever wondered what 3 grandmas high on weed might look like, look no further! Paula, Dorothea […]

grandmas trying weed for the first time

Squirrel steals man’s GoPro camera

Fact: wild squirrels are extremely fidgety filmmakers. Thanks to some clever trickery by YouTube user Viva Frei, who […]

squirrel stealing a gopro camera

Miniature Dachshund playing with ball launcher

Miniature Dachshund (which means “badger dog,” in German) is a lively breed. It has a friendly personality and […]

miniature dachshund playing ball

Best 20 Pinterest Fails

You remember the pictures from different websites showing us how to do, or how a thing should like […]


Best News Bloopers 2014

This is a funny video showing you the best bloopers in the news television industry. Some of them […]

best news bloopers

Friends forever – dog and baby

Attention! If you can not cope with such a cuddly dose of cuteness overload, Do not WATCH! But, […]

dog and baby best friends ever

Packaging designs done great

When done right, a good packaging design can be as good as or even better than the product […]

ft_image packaging

Pets and animals vine compilation

You do love funny and hilarious compilations of a pet, or pets, or animals, or an animal, but […]

pets trapped between two couches

Bikini girls ultimate fail compilation

What can be better than girls in bikini? Girls in bikini that fall,twist,jump,fails and so on. The next […]

bikini girl failing

Caves that will leave you breathless

On the surface of the earth there are many cavities; the most important are the caves and underground […]

featured image

10 Types of runners – do you find yourself here?

This funny guy decided to parody the “10 types of runners” and his video made us laugh so […]

10 types of runners

Maymo – the cabbage eating dog

This dog is famous over the internet! Want to know why? His owner left a cabbage on the […]

cute dog maymo eating a whole cabbage