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These Two Guys Are Pushing The Plastic Duck Beyond It’s Limits

I thought those things were meant for kids only, aaaand i was right! This is why you shouldn’t […]

a big plastic duck

This Is How Celebrities Would Look Like If They Were Fat

A spanish photoshop artist has made some famous celebrities to look like they have put on tons of […]

celebrities transformed in fat

These Are The Most Creative Ads That Will Surely Attract Your Attention

Pff, we all hate advertisings, but we have to admit that sometimes ads are made very clever and […]

these are the most creative ads for a window cleaning product

This Is How Disney Animators Drawn Their Very Funny Characters

Have you ever wondered how the disney animators drawn those amazing and very hilarious characters like: Bugs Bunny, […]

disney animators working on characters for walt disney

These Are The Richest Dogs In The World

Believe it or not, these dogs are living way better than me and you! Here are some pictures […]


Create Different Funny And Awesome Things From Paper

If you like to create handmade stuff watch those photos featuring different objects made from paper! That’s right, […]

objects created from coloured paper

World’s Most Magical Streets Shaded By Trees And Flowers

Here are the most magnificent,beautiful and breathtaking streets in the whole world. These streets are simply magical because […]

magical streets covered by trees and flowers

This Is Microsoft’s Vision About The Technology Future In 5-10 Years

Watch Microsoft’s video about the future of technology in the next 5-10 years. It looks absolutely amazing, but […]

lady interacting with high technology

This Is Probably The Hardest Level Of The Video Game Mario

If you have ever wondered what may be the hardest level in the famous Nintendo video game Mario […]

the hardest level in mario

Sometimes Dogs Can Be Jerks And Careless Too

Sure, dogs are fluffy, friendly, loyal, adorable and all that, but they can also be total assholes as […]

dogs can actually be jerks too (1)

This Is The Reason You Should Never Ever Refuse A Panda

If you ever wondered if you should refuse a panda when he is offering you something, here you […]

this panda commercial is absolutely funny

Some Of The Most Hilarious Movie Posters Remakes

Somewhere across the internet someone has reproduced some famous movie posters but in a very funny and hilarious […]

famous movie posters remade into funny versions